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The most impactful $20 I ever made

When I was 13 my mother paid me $20 to read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. This was nothing unusual at the time — she often tried to vest me with her love of reading, especially when it came to the literary canon. To a large extent, my childhood growing up in Argentina consisted of monthly theatre visits, museum tours and countless hours spent reading. I loved having my nose buried in a book and the fresh smell of old pages quickly became a comfort.

Yet as I grew older, moved halfway across the world and entered high school, that love of…

How a lack of representation fuels inequality

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho. Illustrations by Joanna Ho.

Growing up, I was the quintessential bookworm. There was nothing I loved more than curling up on the living room couch with a thick book, a soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Some of my favourite series included Judy Moody, Dear Dumb Diary and, as I got older, Harry Potter. What do these books have in common? They all in some way follow the struggles of school-aged, sarcastic, ambitious girls— Judy, Jaime and Hermione—much like I was at the time.

Still, there was a part of me that struggled to identify with said stories. …

I’m not ready to come out yet — and that’s okay.

Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

My first inkling that I wasn’t completely straight came when I was around thirteen. This was the era of skinny jeans, scene fashion, and bangs so long you could barely see, so it was only appropriate that the realisation came to me whilst browsing Tumblr one night. Suddenly, I couldn’t tell if I wanted to be the neon-haired girl on my screen or be with her.

At the time, I repressed these newfound feelings, at least in real life. …

Why the “green space” needs more diversity.

Source: US Department of the Interior. Remix by editor.

As a university student, I fill my free time (and resume) with volunteering. When I’m not studying, writing, or at work, I can be found walking the university gardens, attending Vegan Club, or exploring environmental workshops. I always feel a little uneasy entering these spaces, because— in my experience — they are almost exclusively white.

From the beginning, I thought this was an oddity. The people that attend these sessions are buzzing with discussions of climate change, global warming, and intersectionality.

Five tips to travel more responsibly

Duomo di Milano. Source: author

In 1996 Alex Garland published ‘The Beach’ an adventure novel set in Thailand’s Maya Bay. Years later, it was released as a movie featuring Leonardo Dicaprio. Since then, Maya Bay has gone from a quiet secluded beach to a bustling tourist hotspot. The previously pristine white sand and calm turquoise waters have been quickly overshadowed by litter, damage to flora and fauna, and mass coral destruction. In 2018, officials were forced to temporarily close access to the bay.

In Machu Picchu, things have gotten so bad that the government has had to implement a tourism management strategy. While the situation…

Lessons From the Japanese Metabolist Architectural Movement

Source: Divisare

Metabolism: the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.

Could we really apply this concept to man-made buildings? A group of young Japanese architects in the 1960s believed the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’ This was the beginning of an architectural movement that saw buildings as living beings, organic and ever-changing.

At its crux, Metabolism states that architecture should evolve with the needs of society. …

In today’s world, science is political.

Source: created by the author via Canva

As court battles dwindle there are signs the 2021 US election is finally coming to an end. In many ways, this has been an election unlike any other, framed by the context of a global pandemic, a climate emergency, and unprecedented technological change. These issues were at the front and centre of campaigns, debates, and discussions — yet the more I watched and read, the clearer it became that a large majority of politicians lack any sort of scientific background.

Indeed, aside from COVID-19 and climate change, science policy appears to be missing from campaigns, debates, and party platforms. Even…

Changing the Way We Look at the Environment

Source: author via Canva

A few weeks ago I spent a day as a student auditor for Green Impact, a global organisation dedicated to improving sustainability in workplaces through small, actionable change. Since I was a total newbie to conducting audits, the day began with a training session. For the most part, it was what I was expecting — a brief introduction to the company, a discussion of the United Nation’s sustainability goals, and an induction into the world of auditing.

Nonetheless, one thing — albeit a very simple thing — stood out. As we further discussed the environment and our role in protecting…

A striking window into the future

Patrick269 via Pixabay

All along the mid-Atlantic coast, rising sea levels are creating a scene straight out of a horror movie. Climate change is increasingly threatening our trees, with invading seawater quickly outstripping the fresh water that forests rely on to survive. What’s left behind is a vacant woodland haunted by dead, decaying timber and bleached and blackened skeleton trees.

In Maryland, Dorchester County, splintering loblolly pines protrude from the ground, dead and wilting. In Chesapeake Bay, as saltwater moves inland, hardwoods begin to decay. Pines soon follow, standing sorrowful amongst a sea of desolation. …

A comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of offsetting emissions.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As consumers and investors become more involved in the fight against climate change an increasing number of businesses are going carbon neutral. Most of the major airlines including Emirates, Delta, and Qantas now offer carbon offset programs. Likewise, big companies across a range of industries such as Microsoft, Stripe, and Porsche are paying big money to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Just this year, Amazon pledged $10 million to help family forest owners gain access to carbon offset trading.

What are carbon offsets?

In simple terms, carbon offsetting is the process of counterbalancing emissions emitted in one sector by reducing them somewhere else.


Artist, environmentalist and social economics student specialising in drinking too much bubble tea, getting no sleep, and crying in libraries. (She/Her)

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